Is Your Social Media Marketing Saying The Right Thing?

social media networks

Social Media Networking

By now you know that it takes more than just a Facebook page to make up a social media marketing plan. You need to know how to build conversation with your customers. If your wall is not regularly active, you need to start generating two-way conversation.

One of the biggest challenges that marketers and businesses have when attempting to use social media for marketing is knowing what to say. What will generate conversation? What do my fans want to hear from me? 

Fans Want Value.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your customers want something of value. What’s in it for them? Your customers want something in exchange for their time, like free e-books, free blog subscriptions, or something else of value.  You want to keep them coming back for more.

Using the Right Voice.  One of the biggest challenges with social marketing is learning to use the right voice. The traditional marketing voice pushes products and services on the customer.  Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work well online.   With social media networking, a different voice and a more conversational tone is needed for success.

Small but Mighty.  One of the biggest things to realize with social media is that it isn’t just another place to advertise your business. Advertising was built on broadcasting a message to a consumer. Social media is more like word of mouth marketing and less like traditional advertising.

78% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers.  You can think of social media like one big referral engine. Every time a user comments on your Facebook Wall or interacts with you on Twitter and LinkedIn, it becomes an endorsement for your business. Every business owner understands the power of word of mouth referrals.  It only makes sense to do whatever it takes to get more of them.

About the Author.  Kathy McNamara is a Social Media Networking and Marketing pro, regularly contributing to business blogs such as, and  Her Marketing background includes an MBA in Marketing from Avila University and more than 25 years of marketing expertise in various industries.  Kathy enjoys staying on the leading edge of Social Media Networking and sharing her current knowledge with interested readers.  You can reach Kathy at


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