Top 16 Reasons I Like Facebook More Than Twitter | Online Social Networking.

Facebook vs. Twitter

Here are 16 reasons I like Facebook more than I like Twitter, according to Larry Brauner, Social Media Expert, Online Social Networking:

  1. Easier for Group Discussion – Facebook discussions and neatly threaded and hashtags are unnecessary.
  2. Rich Functionality – Facebook supports applications, events and instant messaging. Facebook also enables photo, video, link, page and event sharing.
  3. More Powerful Lists – Create as many Facebook lists as you like and use them to manage both communication and privacy.
  4. Better Private Messaging – No automated direct messaging on Facebook. Therefore, your private messages and updates are more manageable.
  5. Less Spam Abuse – Facebook fights spam more effectively than Twitter.
  6. News Feed Optimized for Relevance – Facebook uses edgerank to prioritize our Top News feeds. Optionally, we can choose to view Twitter-like Most Recent News, as well.
  7. True Networking Site – We can create deep online connections with our friends, and we also discover friends-of-friends. Facebook messaging  is a good alternative to email, too.
  8. Website Traffic – In 2009 when I focused on Twitter, I  received 7,834 visits from Twitter with average time on site of 2:10 minutes. Not bad. However, in 2010 when I turned my focus to Facebook, I received 5,134 visits with average time on site of 3:07 minutes and a larger number of blog comments. Facebook visitors tend to engage more than do Twitter visitors. That’s better website traffic.
  9. Less Incentivization – Twitter has become very much about follower counts. People typically follow with the expectation of being followed back and unfollow if that doesn’t happen. Fans and friends on Facebook are much more authentic.
  10. Real People – Facebook is mostly used by real people, while Twitter is mostly operated by robotic software called bots.
  11. No 140 Limit – Facebook allows more than 140 characters per status update,  more than a 160 per bio, and more than one website link per account.
  12. Much Greater Membership – I’m more able to find the people with whom I want to connect on Facebook than on Twitter.
  13. Members Visit More Often – Facebook members are said to log into Facebook more often than Twitter members into Twitter.
  14. Easily Manage Multiple Business Accounts – I can manage multiple Facebook business pages without logging out and back in, and without using third-party desktop clients.
  15. Business Pages are Mini-Websites – Facebook business pages are mini-websites with a landing page and additional pages.
  16. Off-site Integration – Like buttons and like boxes extend the reach of Facebook to blogs and other websites outside the Facebook domain.

Top 16 Reasons I Like Facebook More Than Twitter | Online Social Networking.


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